Monday, January 7, 2013

Sacrifice = Success

Work hard you'll eventually make it, is a statement I try to remind myself of each day. Success not only comes with personal sacrifice but a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. The problem people run into is that they try to rush success but it isn't an overnight process.

I still am learning the true meaning of success every day. There were times when I became so anxious and stressed I couldn't sleep at night. I came from having absolutely nothing and struggled my teens and most of my 20's. I am not at a point in my life, where I am realizing what it takes and how much work and tenacity it actually takes if I want to make it. 
I am a girly girl. I love fashion, make up, travel, fine dining etc... I can’t afford these things right now, why because I don't have the money too. I spent too many years of my life trying to fit in, spending unnecessary buying cloths, parting living recklessly without a dime in the bank. I working dead end jobs, barely making ends meet but still manage to buy a new outfit or drinks in the club. So now at this point in my life I am preparing myself to life a better more fulfilling life. What steps am I taking most of you might ask. Well here it is.

 Since this is the beginning of the year, I have set up a list goals that I will accomplish.. Save more, spend less, clear past debt while building my company is my focus. My personal sacrifice is working more days, less partying, less shopping, and cutting back on miscellaneous things I can do without. This will be difficult for me because I love buying new things, going out, and spending unnecessary money. I'm learning that If i want to reach any level of success it takes personal sacrifice and hard work. I'm realizing that It takes money to make money. It takes saved money to have money.

I once live a life of paycheck to paycheck and that is serious a sick, stressful way to live. I'm sick of not being able to afford the things I really want. Or missing opportunity's to travel and have fun in my 20’s because I can’t afford it. The way I was headed, I was going to continue to be a victim of the rat race.  Where I come from financial literacy isn't taught at home, so I had to learn the hard way through real world experiences.

I am currently working 3 bartending jobs, My company at this point isn't generating any income which I will discuss in another post, I am a full time mother and student. You all will see my progress and I hope this will to encourage you to take the next step in bettering your life's.  If I can make this  change to better myself you all can too.

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  1. This is sooo the truth, and I am currently doing some re evaluating myself and making changes to better myself as a mother and person all around!