Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stop making excuses and do something

You are the only person who can change anything in your life. Stop making excuses for failure
get your lazy ass up and do something about it.

What does is take to move forward and take that next step in your life. Who and what determines success? Will I ever make it? Am I ever going to become the person I always envisioned myself to be? These are a few questions I ask myself daily. Do I know who I am as a person? That question hunts me, because still trying to figure out who I am as a person. I know what I want to do with my life. I'm just not sure If I am taking the necessary steps in achieving those goals.

Where is the starting line on the road to success? I'm finding that road difficult to find, especially without a map and proper guidance. Sometimes I feel as if  I'm just not applying myself as I should. I see myself continuing to live a life that leads me down the road to no mans land. I stay awake almost ever night reading articles browsing the Internet reading stories about other successful people and still I cant seem to figure out where to begin.

I don't like to consider myself a lazy person but the reality is I am. Things haven't been going right business wise; especially dealing with the guy who pretty much screwed me over. After 30 failed attempts to get the codes to my website that I purchased and Him not giving me a response or letting me know whats going on; I became discourage. I haven't been to my office in over 2 months. I didn't want to go, I started to feel like a failure and I felt stuck. I didn't have the finances to hire a new web guy because I had just lost my job and at that time was my only source of income. I started self doubting myself although deep down I knew it wasn't my fault.  I work at night, and I'm building myself  back up, but sometimes it seems as if it still isn't enough. I have people around me who doubt me and think I'm all talk, not knowing the real struggle which causes me to keep my thoughts and feelings sheltered. A person will never believe in you like you believe in yourself. If you have a dream of doing something and your not getting the support you need from friends and family, Do It. That's all the motivation you need is believing in yourself.  As I grow older I'm learning not to share everything with people who wont understand. People tend to discouraged others often times without knowing  what they are saying are things that can make you second guess yourself.

I have to figure out how to stop being as lazy as I have been. One of the things I  started doing was working out more.  I am very proud of that, I didn't like the way I looked in cloths and instead of continuing to make excuses of why i was chubby and out of shape I decided to do something about it. I purchased the Insanity DVD and I'm going on my second week. I still haven't made any real change to my early mornings.  My days are still empty and wasting away. I have to do something about that; something definitely has to change. I wont get anywhere in life laying around hoping and wishing.

The truth is I told you all i will not leave anything out and i will tell the honest truth. What I say is not to be judge but used to encourage you all as well as myself. So how do I motivate others when I'm being a lazy ass myself.  Putting  my life out there makes me feel as if I am obligated to change. It stems from the pressure of knowing that I have others looking up to me and I cant let them down.

Another thing is i have to figure out how to get more traffic to my blog, I very new to this and I really want others to hear my message. So here is what I'm going to do; I'm going to write a list of all the task i need to complete by the end of the week (week ending Sunday). I am going to do a follow up post Sunday even with all the tasks i have completed. I encourage you all to do the same. If you want you can post your accomplishments below. Here is a list of my tasks, I look forward to hearing a response from you all later this week. Xo- Ciera

1. Commit to 4 more work outs by the end of the week.
2. Meet with the new web designer Thur.
3. Write a proposal package for the web designer with all my terms and have someone look it over.
4. Go to a networking event.
5. Start and finish one of the books that has been sitting next to my bed.
6. Research and take notes on how to get my blog noticed.
7. Figure out how to design my blog
8. Create a vision board.
9. Start a personal journal that I will comment to writing into each night.
10. Wake up at 10 each morning no matter how tire i am. 10 maybe late for some but early for me considering i wake past noon each day.

So here it is my weeks task. I holding myself accountable, An i will get it done.

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