Saturday, March 23, 2013

Like Minded Individuals

There are so many benefits an opportunities that comes with surrounding yourself with like minded individuals . The energy you receive that comes from those who share similar passions and  interest enables you to become a better you.  For me there is nothing better then the energy I receive from those who are as excited and as passionate as myself, about pursuing their dreams and becoming their own boss.

I recently stubbled across a very interesting post from marketing and business guru Loren Ridinger, ( She talked about 5 conferences every business person should attend. I found this post very interesting because I am a firm believer, that you are the company you keep. I'm learning that as you grow, you become a product of your environment. One thing I cant stand is a negative Nancy's, or being around people who just don't get it. Being around people who always feel the need to voice their opinion, and make suggestions without you asking could and would eventually becomes a down fall.  Often, we don't realize the impact these individuals may have on your life. The people we surround ourselves with can easily discourage us from pursuing our goals, or make us self-conscious about a ideal; that's why is best to keep some goals and ideals inside and pursue them privately. I choose to spend my personal time with those who share similar characteristics such as myself. These are the people who helps me become a better me, the people that encourages and motivates me to want better, to do better and strive for more.

Below is the list of conference that Loren suggested are great for business owners and those that are pursuing there dreams. Feel free to comment below, and don't forget to subscribe.

5 Conferences for Business Owners in 2013
  • SXSW 2013: A hugely popular conference and festival that offers information on original music, independent films and emerging technologies.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth Conference 2013: An opportunity to get business-building advice straight from the source. Includes how-to sessions and invaluable networking.
  • Small Business Summit 2013: An all day program in NYC that brings together small business owners and leaders from across the country to share their insights for growing their small business.
  • Market America International Convention 2013: A three day event that teaches you how to create your own economy and build a brand through the UnFranchise business opportunity.
  • Forbes Women’s Summit 2013: Powerful meeting of 200 CEOs including entrepreneurs, philanthropists, innovators, disruptor's, educators, heads of foundations and NGOs, artists and politicians. Attendance is by invitation only. 

- Ciera Sanders

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